Aluminum Fabrication

Precision and Mitre Cutting for Aluminum Extrusion Products
An important factor in the fabrication and shaping of aluminum extrusion profiles is ensuring that they are cut to the specified length required in the design and specifications for each product. Precision and mitre cutting are among the cutting processes that include the use of different types of saws, including finish cut, circular, radial arm, table, and others. These saws can vary in size, the type of blade, tolerance, cut length, and cut angle values.

Fabrication Options for Aluminum Extrusion
Various fabricating options can be used on raw aluminum extrusion products to achieve a desired end functionality. Some of the types of fabrication available are punching, drilling, tapping, notching, and bending.

CNC Milling in Aluminum Extrusion
A variety of methods are used in aluminum extrusion fabrication to achieve accuracy in the finished components. Selection of the elements of the fabrication process depends on the end use and specifications of the product being manufactured.