Aluminum Finishing

Polishing and Custom Mechanical Finishing for Aluminum Extrusion Products
Polishing and custom mechanical finishing add durability and style to aluminum extrusion products, using chemical or mechanical processes.

Wet Paint Finishes on Aluminum Extrusion Products
Among the many finishing options available for aluminum extrusion products, wet paint finishes are a versatile choice, offering more colors than any other process. There are a number of reasons to choose a wet paint finish over anodizing or powder coating finishes.

Powder Coating Finishes on Aluminum Extrusion Products
Among the many finishing options for aluminum extrusion products, powder coating is the most favoured, durable, and cost-effective alternative. Whether for products used in the home or in commercial businesses, powder coating increases protection from cold, heat, corrosion, scratching or even bleaching under the hot sun.

Benefits and Applications of Aluminum Anodizing
The process of aluminum anodizing adds a layer of oxidation to aluminum extrusion products. Unlike iron or carbon steel where oxidation creates a layer of corrosion or rust, the anodizing process actually enhances the properties of aluminum. The hard, oxidized layer becomes a part of the aluminum, creating numerous beneficial properties.

What is Aluminum Anodizing?
Aluminum anodizing is an electro-chemical process that creates a protective layer on the aluminum surface of a product to offer extended resistance to corrosion, as well as aesthetic enhancement. This technology has been in existence for over 100 years, but has only been applied in mass production for the past 60 years.