World Class Quality

State of the art facilities alone cannot provide the quality that our customers demand.
The employees of Spectra make us a premier quality and service supplier across all the markets we serve. Our employees are amongst the most dedicated people in our industry.
The workmanship and attention to detail that our employees put into our products is an
invaluable asset to Spectra and our customers.


At Spectra, we follow the motto “Be Prepared” when approaching any project or task.  We’ll think through
the details and ensure that we get it right. We have a
full time Trainer on staff with over 22 years experience in extruding aluminum. Spectra conducts thousands of training sessions each year, reviewing and refining our processes to ensure we are one step ahead in our preparation.

With commitment to world-class quality, Spectra has implemented controls and procedures proven to meet universal standards.You can expect excellence from design to delivery, continuous 'in-process' inspections, through to final inspection and dock audits. Investment in on-going quality training, continual improvement and program management is a major priority at Spectra Aluminum.

Does your extrusion supplier post your concerns up at the operator stations throughout the plant?
Spectra does. Our system was designed by Spectra
for Spectra to provide our operators with up to date
information on customer and internal issues for your
specific part displayed on their workstation screen.