Spectra Aluminum Products

Spectra Aluminum is a world-class, family-owned and operated, aluminum extrusion and manufacturing business located outside of Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1978, Spectra Aluminum has a long history of delivering high quality aluminum products and aluminum extrusions to a wide range of clients.




We have built our business by being efficient and flexible in order to meet the specific needs of our customers every day. Through our “Customers First” mandate, we consistently offer industry-leading customer service.

Spectra Aluminum’s commitment to high quality and exceptional service has led to substantial increases in both size and scope of our business, while we continue to maintain a well respected reputation with our industry peers.

Spectra’s Single Source advantage means you can rely on one supplier to provide extruded, polished, anodized, painted, and fabricated aluminum products. With Single Source from Spectra, you reduce time from order to delivery of your final product, better manage your inventory, and eliminate potential multi-supplier conflicts. With Spectra you can rest assured that your project will be handled from start to finish with our industry-leading attention to detail.

Our plants are conveniently located minutes north of metropolitan Toronto, Ontario, easily serving local, regional and international markets.

Our Single Source Offerings, all handled in-house, include:  

  • CAD design, project planning
  • 3D Prototyping
  • Precision quality aluminum extrusions
  • Brite Dip and etch custom anodizing
  • Pre-anodized mechanical processing - buffing, grinding and custom surface finishes
  • Full colour spectrum dyeing
  • Full colour range of paint and powder coating
  • Custom fabrication
  • Quality testing, analysis and assurance
  • Automated packaging and custom packing to your specific needs
  • Material handling and transportation logistics for global delivery
  • LEEDS certified specialists to guide you through your requirements