Aluminum Extrusion

Spectra's aluminum extrusion facility has been designed to accommodate the most demanding standards of quality in aluminum extrusions. After diligent studies of market demands and customer needs, Spectra built a true 'state-of-the-art' aluminum extrusion facility. Spectra has achieved the position of being recognized as an industry leader in providing quality aluminum products.

aluminum extrusion
  • We purchase only the highest quality Raw Materials (Billet)
  • Consistent Production Quality Systems
  • High Strength Materials, Tight Mechanical
    Specifications only achievable with the
    right equipment, and Spectra’s got it!
  • Superior Surface Finish
  • Light Weight Sections
  • Prototype / Small Run Capacity
  • Broad Alloy Selection

At Spectra Aluminum Products, proven aluminum extrusion manufacturing techniques have been enhanced through the introduction of the most current and advanced aluminum extrusion technology available.

However, aluminum extrusion machines and material alone do not result in success without proper aluminum extrusion personnel. Our team is industry experienced and dedicated to achieving the ultimate in quality and service. 

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