Aluminum Extrusion Racks

One of the most common and useful products made through aluminum extrusion racks. These racks are found in aerospace projects, as well as being an essential feature in meteorological operations, vehicles, the military and recreational and sporting equipment.

Why Aluminum Extrusion Racking?
Aluminum extrusion racking has become a popular alternative to steel, which had previously been the material of choice for racking construction. The advantages of these racks include:

  • Aluminum is lightweight and has a high strength-to-weight ratio, while also offering exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion. This makes the racks comparatively easy to handle while maintaining appearance and structural integrity for many years.

  • Aluminum extrusion racks are practical from a logistical perspective as they can be shipped in a disassembled format. This is an advantage over the steel racks, which are welded into their final form before delivery. Aluminum racking products can be easily assembled and do not have welds that can break.

  • The lightweight characteristics of aluminum extrusion racks increase the load capacity of transport vehicles, while also contributing to fuel savings.

Uses of Aluminum Extrusion Racks
Aluminum extrusion racks have permeated all aspects of our lives and have created a number of conveniences in day-to-day life.

  • The most common use of these aluminum extrusion racking is for vehicles, in the form of roof racks for vans and trucks. These can be installed easily, quickly, and are durable products.

  • A variation of vehicle racks is the ladder rack, which is particularly beneficial for construction contractors and the military. Aluminum extrusion racks are maintenance-free and scratch-resistant.

  • Sturdier cargo racks for vehicles are also constructed with aluminum extrusion. These are suitable for carrying lumber, ladders, hay, construction materials, and even canoes, kayaks and bikes.

  • Server racks made by aluminum extrusion have perforated doors, providing proper ventilation for the electronic equipment stored within. Offices and data centers also use doorless relay racks with adjustable rails. These are a simpler version of server racks, for storing other items that require ventilation and obstruction-free access.

  • Aluminum extrusion racking provides cost-efficient and hassle-free ground-mounted racks, for photovoltaic systems used in solar energy ventures.

  • Rolling aluminum tray racks are favorites for commercial kitchens, mostly in bakeries and restaurants.

  • As wall mounted racks, aluminum products are typically used for network equipment such as routers, switches or telephone instruments at hotels or hospitals. They are also used as luggage racks and home storage racks.

Aluminum extrusion racking has a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, as well as in our daily lives. The diverse options for these products will continue to expand with human innovation and technological advancements.